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Solis Scala Plus Coffee Grinder


With 22 different grind settings, you can grind your favourite espresso with the Solis Scala Plus coffee grinder. To start grinding, simply push the Start/Stop round button, and with its adjustable timer, the grinding will automatically stop. The Scala Plus has 420 rotations per minute to ensure beans are ground very slowly to preserve and release the coffee bean flavour.

  • Start/Stop button for manual control of ground coffee quantity
  • Automatic timer lets you control the quantity of ground coffee
  • Coffee bean container with a capacity 0.7lb.
  • Flat grinding burrs
  • 22 grind settings from filter coffee and cafe creme to espresso
  • 5.3"W x 11.25"H x 6.70"D
  • 115-135 W
  • Colour: Black