Ascaso Barista T Zero Raised


The Ascaso Barista T Zero incorporates the latest-generation technology, multi-group, complete PID control, highly energy efficient making it a very competitive, advanced commercial espresso machine.

Main Features

  • Multi-group technology (on/off by group), professional thermodynamic groups
  • Independent steam boiler
  • Independent and regulable electronic temperature control for each group
  • External PID control ( 0.1ºC) for each group and steam boiler
  • External timer for each group
  • Digital Display in each group, multiple functions
  • Thermal lagging on steam boiler and groups
  • Thermal stability (+/- 0.5ºC)
  • Dynamic preheating (coffee groups)
  • Energy efficient (-50%)
  • High performance volumetric pump, constant pressure even after a prolonged and simultaneous use of more groups
  • Designed for baristas: joystick steam controls, LED in work area, 5 volume selections, PID controls
  • Customization available

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