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How to Backflush your Ascaso Home Espresso Machine

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How to Backflush your Ascaso Home Espresso Machine

An important part about owning an espresso machine is to make sure you clean and backflush your espresso machine.

What is backflushing?

Backflushing is a cleaning technique which forces water with the cleaning solution to flow back into the group to clear the internals from the residual coffee debris and build up.

Cleaning and backflushing your espresso machine will help to prolong the life of your espresso machine and make sure your espresso machine is working at its best and your coffee tasting at its best.

If the espresso machine is not backflushed (depending on the usage of the machine), it could cause debris and oil buildup which can harm the machine if the flow is completely blocked, it can cause components to fail or not work properly which will lead to the replacement of parts within the machine.

Ascaso Dream PID with Latte

The Cafetto Tevo Mini Tablets help remove residual coffee oils, stains and grounds inside your machine which improves the taste of your coffee. Tevo Mini Tablets are great and handy as they are in portion controlled doses which are made easy to use. Not only do they work great, they are also organic, phosphate/GMO free, have a non corrosive formula to prevent damage to the machine, and they biodegrade rapidly to reduce the harm to the environment.


Ascaso Dream PID with Cafetto TEVO Mini Tablets

An alternative to the tablets is the Cafetto Evo Sachets. The Cafetto Evo Sachets are made of the same ingredients as the Tevo Mini Tablets, the only difference is that Evo is in powdered form which is rapidly soluble. They are also in conveniently pre-portioned sachets which make cleaning simple as opening the sachet and pouring it into your blind filter.

Ascaso Dream PID with Cafetto EVO Sachets

When you are using cleaning products, you should also refer to the manufacturer's instructions.

How to clean your Ascaso Espresso Machine:


Changing precision filter to blind filterAscaso Portfilter with Blind Filter


Step 1: You will need to replace the current filter you are using to a blind filter

*This will allow the solution to be back flushed and clean the inside of the machine.

Placing Cafetto TEVO tablet into blind filterCafetto Tevo in blind filter

Step 2: Place 1 Cafetto Tevo Mini Tablet into to the blind filter and put it back into the machine

Placing portafilter with tevo into machine group headstarting the backflush process on the Ascaso Dream PID

Step 3: Press the coffee button and let it run for 10 seconds and then press the button again to turn off the group. Repeat this twice.

*note make sure your discharge nozzle is placed properly over the drip tray so it can drain properly.


Dissolved Cafetto TEVO solutiondumping the extra tevo solution from the group head

Step 4: After repeating this twice, take your portafilter off the machine and dump the remaining solution

Ascaso Dream PID with blind filter

Step 5: Run the coffee button for 10 second intervals till the water from the discharge nozzle runs clear.

*The water running clear will indicate that all of the cleaning tablet solution is rinsed out of the machine and there is clean water running through

changing from the blind filter back to precision filter

Step 6: Replace the blind filter and run the coffee switch for 10 seconds for the water to flush out the group head.

Flushing the espresso machine group head

Step 7: After flushing out the group head one last, you are all good to go with making another cup of coffee.


Ascaso Dream PID with Cafetto Evo Sachets and TEVO Mini Tablets



It is recommended that you backflush your espresso machine weekly to prevent build up and make sure your coffee is tasting its best.

Always make sure you follow both the instructions on the product as well as the instructions on your espresso machine’s guide.

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