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The Solis Grind & Infuse Perfetta is a semi-automatic espresso machine that has everything you need to make the perfect espresso, cappuccino or other coffee variation.

Ready in just 40 seconds, the machine provides a perfect, stable brewing temperature. The integrated manometer allows full control of the extraction pressure, and timely notifications remind you to change the water filter, clean and descale the brewing unit.

The ZERO STATIC™ grinder with 25 grinding settings ensures that your coffee beans are perfectly ground for a delicious cup of coffee. Its micro timer and memory function ensure accurate dosing to the tenth of a second, every time. The soft pre-infusion gently moistens ground coffee under low pressure prior to extraction at high pressure for a balanced taste. In addition, this coffee machine features an adaptive PID controller continuously monitoring and stabilising the water temperature. The right temperature is important to fully develop the aromas of your coffee. You can also set the coffee brewing temperature up to 5 °C higher or lower, so you can enjoy your perfect coffee again and again. With the professional 360-degree steam wand with hot water function, you create barista-quality milk foam with a sweet, balanced taste. This way you can enjoy the tastiest cappuccino or latte macchiato, right at your own kitchen table.

The machine is equipped with an easily removable 2.6-litre water tank including BRITA INTENZA water filter to improve the water quality and coffee taste.

Thanks to the digital micro timer, you have full control over your coffee. The multifunctional 3-digit display indicates the grinding and brewing time to the tenth of a second as well as support messages.

A product developed with a passion for coffee to get the best out of every single coffee bean. The perfect tool to create coffee as a real barista does.

Silent ZERO STATIC™ Grinder

Silent, belt-driven ZERO STATIC™ grinder with 25 settings eliminates waste of ground coffee for precise and neat dosing.

Stability & Control with Adaptive PID

Adaptive PID provides multiple temperature control to fully develop the aromas of your coffee.

Low-Pressure Pre-Infusion

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Steam & Hot Water Function

Professional 360° steam & hot water wand creates barista-quality microfoam with a sweet, balanced taste.

2.6-Litre Water Tank

Easily removable 2.6-litre water tank including BRITA INTENZA water filter to improve the water quality and coffee taste.

Digital Micro Timer

Multifunctional 3-digit display indicating grinding and brewing time to the tenth of a second as well as support messages.

More About Solis Grind & Infuse Perfetta Black

Are you a real coffee lover? Are you that one person who is always looking for the best coffee in the area when you are in a foreign country? Then the Grind & Infuse Perfetta is the perfect coffee machine for you! With this espresso machine you can make the tastiest coffee variations, just like a real barista does. Non-pressurised filters for 1 and 2 cups as well as a stainless-steel tamper and milk jug accompany the machine in the box, so that you can get started right away.

This semi-automatic espresso machine is quiet in use and allows you to enjoy a delicious custom cup of coffee or tea. This home-sized coffee shop machine heats up within 45 seconds, enabling you to get the first cup within just one minute. The manometer shows the pressure at which the espresso is being prepared. The perfect extraction pressure during brewing is between 8 and 12 bar.

The machine can be configurated if you want to tweak and get the most out of your coffee beans. You choose the quantity of coffee per cup and the brewing temperature. The machine memorises the settings until these are changed or reset. To save energy, the Solis Barista Perfetta Plus switches to standby mode after 10 minutes and can additionally be adjusted to 30 or even 120 minutes. After 20 minutes of standby mode, the machine automatically shuts down.

The Grind & Infuse Perfetta is available in brushed stainless steel and matte black: whatever colour you choose, you are assured of a beautiful espresso machine designed and developed in Switzerland.

Technical Data

Weight 9.6 kg
Height / Weight / Depth 40 cm / 30 cm / 38 cm
Material Stainless Steel
Automatic switch off No
Control Options Buttons
Display No
Power 220-240v (1640W)
Standby Mode Yes
Timer No
Warm-up time 45 Seconds
Type Semi-Automatic
Integrated bean grinder Yes
Water Reservoir Capacity 2.6L
Removable Water Tank and Drip Tray Yes
Thermoblock Yes
Adjustable Temperature Yes
Steam Wand Multi-directional
Hot Water Function Yes
Steam Function Yes
Cleaning Indicator Yes
Cup Warmer Yes
Type of Tamper Separate Tamper
Filter Holder Diameter 54 mm
Pump Pressure 16 bar
Pressure Gauge Yes
Single Wall Filters Yes

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