Ascaso Steel Series Home Espresso Machine

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Ascaso Steel Series Home Espresso Machine

Ascaso Steel Comparison

What are the differences between the Ascaso Steel UNO, UNO PID, DUO, and DUO PID espresso machines?


If you're in the market for a high-quality espresso machine, you may have come across the Ascaso Steel line. But what sets the Ascaso Steel UNO, UNO PID, DUO, and DUO PID apart from each other? Let's explore the key differences between these espresso machines.

Ascaso Steel Comparison Chart 1

Ascaso Steel Comparison Chart

Ascaso Steel UNO Espresso Machine

Ascaso Steel UNO Espresso Machine 


The Ascaso Steel UNO is a compact and stylish espresso machine designed for home use. It features a powerful 1052-watt thermoblock heating system, which ensures quick and consistent heating for optimal espresso extraction. With its 2-liter water tank and the Steel UNO can easily handle the demands of a coffee-loving household.


Ascaso Steel UNO PID Espresso Machine

Ascaso Steel UNO PID espresso machine with i-Steel coffee grinder


The Ascaso Steel UNO PID takes the features of the Steel Uno to the next level with the addition of a PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) controller. This advanced technology allows for precise temperature control, resulting in even better espresso extraction. The PID controller also offers the ability to adjust the brewing temperature to suit different coffee beans and personal preferences.


Ascaso Steel DUO Espresso Machine

 Ascaso steel uno espresso machine


The Ascaso Steel DUO is a dual-boiler espresso machine, meaning it has separate boilers for brewing and steaming. This allows for simultaneous brewing and steaming, saving you time and ensuring optimal milk frothing for lattes and cappuccinos. It also has an independent spout for hot water.


Ascaso Steel DUO PID Espresso Machine

Ascaso Steel DUO PID espresso machine extracting espresso shots


The Ascaso Steel DUO PID combines the best of both worlds by offering dual-boiler functionality (separate boiler for steam and coffee), an independent hot water spout, and a PID controller.





The new update to the Ascaso Steel DUO PID V2 has an upgraded board that allows the machine to offer 20% more powerful steam. With the upgrade, these units now come with a 20 amp plug and ETL certified for Canadian standards. With this machine, you can enjoy the convenience of simultaneous brewing and steaming, along with the ability to fine-tune the brewing temperature for the perfect espresso shot.



In summary, the Ascaso Steel UNO, UNO PID, DUO, and DUO PID espresso machines all offer excellent performance and quality. The Steel UNO is a compact and reliable option for those just getting started in the specialty coffee world, while the UNO PID adds precise temperature control. The Steel DUO takes it a step further with dual-boiler functionality, and the DUO PID combines the best of both worlds all while being able to produce 20% more powerful steam. Choose the machine that best suits your needs and enjoy delicious espresso from the comfort of your home.

 Ascaso Steel duo pid with the i-steel grinder

The Ascaso Steel espresso machines also pair well with the Ascaso i-Steel Grinders as they have a similar industrial aesthetic.

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