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The STEEL range goes one step further and transcends the Home use. It is a semi-professional coffee machine for home, offices, and even the Hospitality channel.

DUO – a thermoblock for coffee and an independent thermoblock for steam.

It was designed by the Ascaso Factory engineering team in its UNO and DUO versions and it is offered in a robust industrial bodywork that meets the requirements of the expert user. It is manufactured with the highest quality materials (aluminum, stainless steel, brass), and a minimum use of plastic. The standard version is equipped with a Ø 58mm filter holder and electronic temperature control.

The PID version provides a completely professional performance: externally adjustable OPV and an external PID display for temperature setting, adjustable pre-infusion, stand-by option and much more. A professional machine at Home!

PLUS - joystick steam valve for a more ergonomic steaming experience   

Note: now available with the 15-amp plug 

Features and Functionality

High-quality materials and components

Manufactured in stainless steel for maximum sturdiness. A wide range of possibilities that make this a truly professional machine in a domestic environment.

Special cappuccino steam wand

Stainless steel. Multidirectional to 360º. The wand is cold to the touch, reducing the risk of contact burns. Milk build-up is reduced to a minimum, making for easy cleaning.

Powerful steam/hot water

The new aluminium + stainless steel group guarantees continuous, unlimited steam. The life of the piece is now much longer thanks to the fact that the limescale does not build up on the stainless steel circuit.

2-litre water reservoir

Can be removed for easy maintenance, cleaning and visual access, allowing the user to quickly check the amount of water in the chamber. The reservoir can be filled with the coffee machine in operation. BPA – free.

Cup warmer

Emulating professional coffee bar machines, the upper part features a surface that keeps cups warm, ensuring that coffee remains at its optimum temperature.

Large area – 270 mm x 315 mm. 100% usable (Side reservoir)

Stainless steel tray

Beauty and simplicity. A geometrical design that recalls the classic lines of bygone espresso machines. Easy to clean, with an extractable tray containing coffee spill.

Metal switches

The high quality of the machine makes it a pleasure to use. Emphasises the industrial look. LEDs.

Pressure gauge

Along with the PID temperature control, this enables complete control of the machine.

DUO PLUS Features

Joystick steam valve

We propose a professional and more ergonomic solution adapted to Home use.
It is easier to use and improves control capability. A “natural”, smooth and intuitive movement.

Steam generation is automatic. The "lock" function allows tea to be permanently brewed.

Food Grade Silicone Gasket

Material: Silicone. Can withstand temperatures of up to 100º. Our tests show that they have double the normal lifespan of standard high-quality rubber seal rings. Food safe material. In green. Odorless and tasteless.

Design: Specially designed rubber seal rings. Thick and flexible. The silicone makes engaging the portafilter easier thus less effort and strain on your wrists.

Competition shower

AISI 304 stainless steel. Integrated membrane, completely smooth surface avoiding coffee residue deposits, which increases its useful life and facilitates cleaning.

Provides uniform water distribution, improving extractions.

98 holes Ø3mm.

Stainless steel tap

Stainless steel coffee tamper

A standard accessory of the highest quality and finish.

Two steam tips (1 and 3 holes)

1 hole (Ø 01mm)  

3 holes (Ø 0,75mm)

In order to adjust the machine to every need.

Two complete filterholders

1 and 2 coffees. Olive Wood.

We add the portafilter with 1 coffee output to the standard equipment.

Five filters

7gr, 14gr, 18gr, 21gr and Blind.

Wire stainless steel tray

New wire tray in stainless steel. Removable for easy cleaning.

Technical Data

Dimensions (mm) 270 x 360 x 315
Power (W) 2100
Voltage (V) 120
Weight (kg) 15 (34lbs)
Water Capacity (L) 2
Independent coffee/steam group Yes
Steam wand Inox. 360º. Heat resistant ø10mm
Body Metal
Filterholder Stainless Steel ø58mm
Pump Pressure (atm) Regulable by OPV
Coffee Thermostat Regulable by PID
Steam Thermostat) Regulable by PID
Active Cup Warmer
PID Control
Volumetric Control
OPV Pressure Control
Group Thermal Cover
Wooden Handles
Joystick Steam Valve
Food Grade Silicone Filterholder Gasket
Competition Shower
Stainless Steel Tamper
Two Steam Tips ( 1 and 3 holes)
Two Filterholders (2 coffees & bottomless)
Stainless Steel Tap
Wire Stainless Steel Tray

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