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The Ascaso Barista T is a state-of-the art, multi-group commercial espresso machine. It is suited for medium to high volume environments and is capable of performing even under the pressures of commercial environments.

In these new times, it is the professional barista who demands innovative products without compromising the espresso’s.

Ascaso developed the Technology T engineering to offer great thermal stability with a high level of energy efficiency (low energy consumption), and clean and fresh water in each cup of coffee. Fitted with a stainless steel E-61 one-boiler technology and a thermosyphon circulation system, the Barista T espresso machine requires less power to maintain thermal stability, which results in a savings between 30% to 40% of energy usage compared to similar machines with traditional copper boilers. Ascaso now using stainless steel instead of copper and brass

Designed for technicians by technicians, the design of this commercial espresso machine allows it to be quickly and easily dismantled so that even its innermost workings can be properly looked after.

Front steam joystick 

Our 360º frontal joy stick steam tap provides an ergonomic and professional solution.

Makes it easier to use and improves control capability. A smooth and intuitive “natural” motion makes it easy to use and control.

Main Features

  • Multi-group technology (on/off by group) with professional thermodynamic groups
  • Independent, extremely sturdy steam boiler
  • Independent and regulable electronic temperature control for each group
  • External PID control ( 0.1ºC) for each group and steam boiler
  • External timer and digital display for each group
  • Thermal lagging on steam boiler and groups
  • Thermal stability (+/- 0.5ºC)
  • Dynamic preheating for each head group
  • Average energy savings of 50% compared with a traditional espresso machine and 25% compared with other multi-boiler machines
  • High performance volumetric pump
  • Customization available 
  • ETL Certified for Canadian Standards

    Technical Data

    Dimensions (W/H/D mm) 700/475/535
    Boiler Power (230 V) 3500W 50-60Hz
    Coffee Group Power (W) 1000 x 2
    Weight (kg) 71
    Steam boiler capacity (l)
    Maximum Cup Height Raised (cm)
    Dynamic Pre-heating
    Adjustable Feet Yes
    Pump/Boiler Pressure Double Gauge
    Rotary Pump Motor (200L) Yes
    Filter Holder 1/2 Coffees (Stainless Steel)
    Electronic Auto Level
    Boiler Drain Valve
    Empty Valve/Safety Valve Yes
    Volumetric Dosing Yes
    Barista Lights Yes
    Heating Element & Rotary Pump  Stainless Yes
    Coffee Temperature PID Control (0.1ºc Precision)
    Steam Temperature PID Control (1ºc Precision)
    Digital Multifunction Display Yes
    Pre-Infusion 100% Adjustable (0.1s precision)
    Hot water with solenoid
    Group extra heating element Optional
    Coffee Group Insulations
    Steam Boiler Insulations
    Anti-splash Systems
    Wood Accessories Optional
    Active Cup Warmer
    Chromed Foots

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