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Ascaso Dream One


The most emblematic coffee machine in our range for Home. 

Without touching a line of its daring retro aesthetic silhouette and its world of colours, Dream has upgraded its technology to get the perfect cup at home. A machine built with the highest quality materials (aluminium, stainless steel and brass), and a minimum use of plastic. 

A Dream Machine!

Features and Functionality

  • The Dream coffee machines is manufactured in aluminium. After preliminary polishing, the machine is treated with a high-quality varnish (the same coating as used in Formula 1 and on boats), with a range of 8 colours
  • OPV Externally adjustable overpressure valve
  • Internal temperature control
  • High Precision manometer
  • Stainless steel, multi-directional 360º, heat resistant, easy to clean steaming wand
  • Adjustable Electronic thermostat with a thermal stability of (+- 1.5  ºC) and stand-by
  • Visual access to the 1.3L water reservoir that can be easily removed for easy  maintenance

Technical Data 

Dream One 
Dimensions (mm) 245 x 345 x 280
Power (w) 1050
Weight (kg) 10
Water Capacity (L) 1.3
Water Level Window 


Stainless Steel Steam Wand  360º Heat Resistant
Filter Holder  Brass ø60mm
Pump Pressure  Regulable by OPV
Thermostat Coffee  Adjustable Electronic 
Thermostat Steam Adjustable Electronic 
Manometer  Yes 
OPV Overpressure Control


External Download (tray) Yes