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Stealth Nitro 895 - Blend in a Cup Blending

Why waste ingredients when you can perfectly proportion drinks and smoothies blended right in the cup you give your customer? The Blendtec Stealth® Nitro minimizes waste, saves time, and increases your profit margin.  When using a standard jar, there is smoothie or other product left inside the jar, on average 15-20% of wasted product.  When using your own cup with the Stealth Nitro, waste is cut down to 1-2% - increasing your profit margin.

Blending has never been simpler.  Just push a cycle button, and Stealth® Nitro does the rest - automatically speeding up, slowing down, and shutting off the motor.  The result?  Perfect blends, every time. *Standard adapter rings are available to fit different sizes of cups from 12 ounces to 32 ounces. 

*Every unit comes with four standard rings - 12oz, 16oz, 24oz, and 32oz. These rings were specifically created by Blendtec for SOLO branded cups. However, in our experience, other branded cups can work just the same. It is very important that a vacuum seal is created to guarantee efficiency of the machine and desired blended product. If you are not certain your cups will fit, feel free to contact us.

“SOLO” is a trademark of the “SOLO Cup Operating Corporation”

Blendtec's Stealth® Nitro combines durability, power, and a wealth of exciting features.  It includes a sleek sound enclosure and proprietary airflow innovations that enable operation at the sound level of a normal conversation.  Simply put, it's the quietest, most advanced commercial blender on the market.

The Stealth Nitro comes equipped with 42 pre-programmed cycles and a USB port. For the ultimate in customization, users can create custom drink programs with the online BlendWizard™. This tool can create an unlimited number of blend cycles and up to 14 can be stored on the Nitro 895 and the Stealth 885.

Winner of the National Restaurant Association's prestigious 2017 Kitchen Innovations Award.

Brushless, New Titan X Motor

The Stealth 895X is the latest innovation from Blendtec with an all new Titan X motor. It is the most advanced commercial blender in the market combining durability, power, and a sleek sound enclosure and proprietary airflow innovations that enable operation at the sound level of a normal conversation.

Traditional blender motors use a set of brushes that ride on a commutator to direct electricity to the coils in the motor. As the brushes and commutator are always riding on each other, they wear out and this limits the life of a brush-type motor. With the new Titan X motor, the motor lasts about three times longer.

Why Does it Last Longer?
Blendtec eliminated one of the wear components, the internal motor brushes, with electronics to increase the lifetime of the motor, give more output and torque to make drinks quicker, and use less power.

How Does it Stay Cooler?
The Stealth 895X is more efficient, uses less power and less power losses which translates into less heat accumulating into the motor. The motor stays cooler and the blender can be used continuously without the need to have it cool down during peak times.

Does It Help Save Time?
The Titan X is equipped with dynamic braking, allowing the operator to remove the jar without waiting for the blade to stop spinning. A typical blender can take a few seconds for the motor to completely stop, which in a normal setting it would not make a difference, but in a high-pace environment, a few seconds could add up. Dynamic braking can save time and allows end users to blend from one drink to the next seamlessly.

Product Features

  • 2 Micronizers and 2 Stands, 1 of each 12oz, 16oz, 24oz, and 32 oz adapter rings for SOLO cups
  • Motor: 3.8 peak horsepower, 1800 watts, 15 amps, 120V
  • Interface: Tactile display
  • Recommended daily blends: 200+
  • Program cycles: 42 pre-programmed cycles, Pulse
  • USB port, BlendWizard™ compatible
  • Compatible will all Blendtec jars
  • Colour: Black
  • Dimensions: 17.3"H x 9"D x 8.6"W
  • 3-Year Parts Warranty, 1-Year Labour (Bench) Warranty

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