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Based on an espresso icon, The Linea Mini is a kitchen-sized version of the Linea Classic, a machine loved by thousands of professional baristas and the heart of your favorite cafés. 

The Linea Mini looks as beautiful as it performs, ready to serve for years to come.

The La Marzocco Home connectivity app lets you control your machine.

Everything you need to make your first drink comes in the box. High-powered steam, professional-grade components, and no plumbing or installation means you can enjoy coffee immediately.


Dual Boilers

Optimizes espresso extraction and steam production

Integrated Group

the integrated group for boiler and brew helps achieve thermal stability in a reduced footprint.

Hot Water Spout

Convenient spout for tea rinsing the portafilter between shots

Thermal Stability System

Temperature is further stabilized when it is passed through each feature

Internal Pump

Self contained rotary pump without compromising the performance

PID Control

Stepped temperature wheel allows for user adjustment

Water Reservoir

A self-contained 2 liter water reservoir makes plumbing optional

Connected App Capability

Control of machine settings available through your mobile device through the app.

Barista Lights

LED lighting allows you to focus on your extraction and the cup.

*Special colours available upon request.


Technical Data

Groups 1
Boiler Type Dual Boilers
Pump Type Single Internal Rotary Pump
PID Temperature Controller Yes
Indicator Lights Heating and Water Level Lights
Body Panel Stainless Steel
Dimensions (w x h x d) 14 x 15 x 21
Weight (lbs) 71
Voltage (VAC) 120
Amps (A) 15
Element Wattage (W) 1600
Steam Boiler (liters) 3.5
Water Reservoir (liters) 2

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