Rhino Calibration Tool


The Rhino Coffee Gear Thermometer Calibration tool features a box end 13mm size wrench to suit the Rhino Coffee Gear Tall and Short Analogue Thermometers.


- Dimensions: 88mm (L) x 4mm (D) x 21mm (W)
- Wrench Size: 13mm
- Material: Perspex (Clear)

How to Calibrate:

- Locate the nut at the top of the thermometer stem
- Using the Calibration Tool, simply adjust the needle position so that it is showing the correct temperature
- While holding onto the dial/face, lock the spanner onto the recalibration nut at the rear of the dial
- To increase the temperature, turn the recalibration nut in a clockwise direction
- To decrease the temperature, turn the recalibration nut in a counter-clockwise direction

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